William Esdale  for BKN Magazine                                                     
                                                                      "They you are, whispering,
                                                                      echoes of dirt, throughout.
                                                                        Breathe, speak off shying
                                                                               under the dark.
The blend of visual liberation and unconscious sophistication speaks without needing to invest in national direction. The human form becomes objectified in obvious playful and surreal positions, leading to unique narrative snapshots of an adult's imagination. It is only when one stands back to understand the subtext. At times the balance of spontaneous to focused and ready-made results remove the shadows of other contemporaries.
In what manner does innocence render psychology of place? In the absence of the city can one relate to normal architecture away from the sound of winds dancing, embracing tress and eccentric land? The voyeur watches and leans in to see a surreal use of objects in cross gender liberated roles, in innocent and adolescent poetry.
I never entered, not once. Imagination got me to now. I understand in my advance that loved ones are just as loved and cherished.
                                                                                                  Before the end, I'll call
                                                                                                   and once again derail.
                                                                                                Bound, we did but sprawl
                                                                                                      under love, caught."